From Enemies to Tectonic Leaders Samia Moustapha Bahsoun and Brenda Naomi Rosenberg created the Tectonic Leadership Center, a  vehicle for developing pairs of leaders from opposite sides of the Middle East conflict to take joint ownership in transforming the conflict - creating a new relational architecture for sustainable coexistence. The five day pilot program was conducted May 2 to 6, 2011 in partnership with the University of Michigan Dearborn.   >>> read more
BRENDA NAOMI ROSENBERG combating Anti-Semitism, Islam-Phobia, and Racism breaking barriers … pursuing peace across race, faith, culture, and international boundaries.
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Hate 2 Hope Harnessing the power of tension between law enforcement and community in 10 weeks. Brenda Rosenberg created Hate 2 Hope, choosing dialogue over destruction. She saw a need to lift our communities from the quicksand of miscommunication and judgment. She wanted to create a new discourse and demonstrate how it is possible to create positive change.   >>> read more