“In a world marked by heightened tension between nations, groups, and individuals, the prospect of peace can seem elusive. But seeing the tension that is ripping us apart makes me more determined to build a better world. I have always been in awe of the beauty and wonders of our world. My wall mural collection for The Detroit Wallpaper Company gives me the opportunity to share the global wonders my camera has captured; Photographs that can transform bathrooms, living rooms, offices and restaurants into magical places of love and harmony.”

-Brenda Naomi Rosenberg


Step 1
Select your favorite photo from Brenda’s collection.
Step 2
Email a photo of your wall and its measurements to BrendaStyle@comcast.net
Step 3
Brenda and the Detroit Wallpaper Company will provide a simulation of the final result and price.

Approximate pricing for a 13 foot wide, 8 foot high wall $1,500 installed in Metro Detroit.

Hsiao-Ping Katz Soaring Birds Orchids. Franklin, Michigan

New York Botanical Gardens

Bermuda Crashing Waves


Sri Lanka

Hsiao-Ping Katz Welcoming Orchid. Franklin, Michigan

Paris Rose

Rancho Santa Fe Wine and Green Succulents

Bora Bora

Holland Tulip

Kyoto Pink Cherry Blossoms

Rancho Santa Fe Rose and Grey Succulents

Bali White Flowers

Cuba Tree Bark

Tokyo White Cherry Blossoms

Rancho Santa Fe Grey Succulents

Bali Carved Stone Wall

Bali Tiger Climbing Tree

Bali Giant Green Leaves

Bermuda Crystal Caves

Kyoto Green Leaves and White Flowers

Cuba White Flowers

Vhay Lake Sunset


Cuba Fiery Sunset

Sandra Seligman’s Patio, Miami Beach

Bryce Canyon

Fisher Island

The Great Salt Lake

French Polynesia

Mustang Monument