“In a world marked by heightened tension between nations, groups, and individuals, the prospect of peace can seem elusive. But seeing the tension that is ripping us apart makes me more determined to build a better world. I have always been in awe of the beauty and wonders of our world. My wall mural collection for The Detroit Wallpaper Company gives me the opportunity to share the global wonders my camera has captured; Photographs that can transform homes, hospitals, hotels, offices, event venues and restaurants into magical places of love and harmony.”

-Brenda Naomi Rosenberg



A woman of countless firsts. A trail-blazing champion for change. With an impressive background in fashion and design, Brenda employs her creative thinking and innovative risk-taking to initiate social change. Brenda’s desire to establish partnerships, open doors and dialogues across various divides inspired her to co-create the Tectonic Leadership program with Samia Moustapha Bahsoun. The goal: To make a more beautiful world by breaking barriers and re-framing relationships, utilizing creativity to actualize change.


By Brenda Naomi Rosenberg

CHARMED: an adjective to describe a person’s life who is unusually lucky or happy as though protected by magic. “Charmed,” is the riveting two volume memoirs of Brenda Naomi Rosenberg’s extraordinary life, as told through her charm bracelet. The 70+ charms represent an accomplishment or an exotic location where she traveled. Experience her pictorial journey from fashion industry glamour girl, style icon, trendsetting designer, and globe-trotting photographer to becoming a life coach, community and international peacebuilder and author.

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“Girl Scouts Are Facing COVID-19 with Outreach from Crafts to Compassionate Connection”
Read The Spirit. Apr. 19, 2020

“What does this song mean to me?

Scientists tell us that, if two heart cells are placed together in a petri dish, they will find and maintain a common beat. I think that biological phenomenon points to a basic truth about relationships. Beneath all of our resistance, beneath all of our fear and hatred, the very nature of life itself rests on a joining force.

Too often in our world today, we exhaust ourselves fighting against this impulse to join together. When we allow our hearts to beat in unison, we renew our strength and we summon peace.

We are one ONE HEART.

As Jews, Christians and Muslims, we can be the change we want to see in our world.”