2003- present Reuniting the Children of Abraham Tool Kit 4 Peace Created by Brenda Naomi Rosenberg, Muslim and Christian religious leaders,community partners, U of M, and launched March 27, 2004, “Reuniting the Children of Abraham” (RTCOA) uses the creative arts of drama, music, improvisation, and interactive dialogue to build bridges of understanding between Christians, Muslims and Jews. In over a 100 presentations, RTCOA has provided the opportunity for audiences to experience how reconciliation and peace are possible. The program, inspired by a conversation with inter-faith partner, Imam Abdullah El Amin,visualized in a dream, brings together congregations of Christians, Muslims and Jews, both adults and teens to see the 4 step healing process in the documentary and engage in interactive dialogue and workshops and power point presentations on stereotyping, and background information on the 3 religions. RTCOA has been featured as a CBS network special in over 100 markets and on the
National Muslim TV network Bridges, as well as being featured in numerous articles, the front page story in Detroit, and Duluth newspapers and the cover story of the Jewish News. RTCOA has been presented in Israel, West Bank, Jordan and Canada. Objectives: We can never erase tension, fear and mistrust but it is possible to create a
deeper level of understanding between faith communities through inter active engagement and create sustainable partnerships.
The programs have been presented to audiences as small as 50 people and as large as 2,000. The ideal audience have been families – ages middle school and beyond learning “You don’t have to wrong for me to be right” together. Recipient of the following awards:

2004 National Conference for Community and Justice Community Service Award
2005 Vanguard Award from Woman in Communications
2006 Interfaith Achievement Award from the Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan
2007 Darakjian Spellman College Un Sung Hero Award
2008 North American Interfaith Network Exemplary Project Award
2008 Arab American Anti Discrimination Committee Building Bridges Award
2009 Wayne State University Community Peacemaker Award
2009 Oakland University Best Educational Program Award
2010 WISDOM Founders Award
2010 Michigan Psychological Association Distinguished Achievement Award