Brenda Rosenberg hosts ONE VOICE Israel/Palestine’s with Imam Mardini and Reverend Rani Abdulmesih at Mother of the Savior Church, Dearborn and at Shir Tikvah synagogue Troy.
Engaging the Other Conference – Brenda Rosenberg hosts friends from Israel and Jordan who work together helping Syrian refugees in Jordan. Sheri Schiff takes then through Holocaust Center.
Parliament of World Relgions Faiths against Hate Webinar: Tectonic Leadership: Using TENSION to transform conflict with Brenda Rosenberg and Samia Bahsoun Webinar:
Imam Abdullah EL Amin asks Brenda Rosenberg to write a testimonial for his book
Tallal Turfe invites Brenda Rosenberg to the launching of his book Children of Abraham. Brenda brings AJC president Howard Brown and Tallal seats Howard Brown at the head table.