Brenda Naomi Rosenberg

JANUARY 1, 2003

Today is a very special day. Today has been named One Day of Peace Holiday. On this special day people of different religions and cultures can come together and share their visions, dreams and hopes for a better world. Creating a vision of peace is the first step we can take in creating peace in our world. Who here has ever closed their eyes and wished for something? That’s what a vision is. It’s picturing the wish we would like to have come true. So let’s close our eyes and envision a world of peace. Let’s picture what peace looks like. [10 sec]

Who would want to share what peace looks like?

What would we have to do to have a better world, what would have to change so we all could live in peace? [20sec]

Who would like to share?
We can go beyond creating a vision. We can be Allah /God the merciful, the eternal source of peace, arms of peace in this world. We can be like angels descending, bringing from above, echoes of mercy, and messages of love. Each morning, I say the following prayer. Dear Allah /God please help me be your arms and willingly hold those who need a healing touch. Open my eyes that I may see what you ask of me today. Open my ears that I may truly respond to the cries of joy and sorrow from all your children. May I be your messenger of peace in every conversation and where ever I go may I be an angel sending love.

Who can tell me what an Angel is?
We can all be Gods angels. We can all be messengers of love, and peace. We can all speak and act like angels. We can love ourselves and love each others just like Allah /God loves all his

We may question our ability to undertake such a mission, but we are qualified for the assignment because each of us is a son or daughter of the Allah/ God. Each of us has Allah/Gods divine spark within us.

With our hearts, arms, eyes, and ears open we can be angels of love, we can unfurl our wings and bring love and peace to ourselves, one another, and the world. Because our wings contain nurturing feathers of inclusion: we can include everyone in our hearts, we have feathers of cooperation: we can work joyfully with others, we have feathers of acceptance: we can accept others without judging them, we have feathers of compassion: we can truly sympathize with others when they are in pain or are hurting, we have feathers of respect: we can honor others even when we don’t agree with them, and we have feathers of love: we can know and remember we are all equals, we are all Allah/ Gods children. When Allah God looks at us he shows no preferences.

And now let’s practice seeing ourselves as angels.

Visualize yourself standing in a beautiful ray of sunshine. Before you is a mirror in which you see yourself wearing Angel wings. You are the artist, create wings that please you. White wings, perhaps wings of many colors [ 5 sec] Now practice unfurling your wings, like a dove, or perhaps an eagle.

Now feel the warmth of Allah/Gods love inside you, and let everyone in the room see Allah/Gods light. We can show Allah/Gods light when we smile. So let me see who can light up their face with the biggest smile.

Can I have a volunteer angel? Who wants to be an Angel?
Now we are going to practice being angels and sending love. First we are to play angel music. Next we are going to put on beautiful angel wings. Now, we are going to demonstrate sending love to each other, without any words, and without touching the other person. So watch very carefully as we send compassion, respect, joy, recognition, peace and beautiful thoughts to each other.

What did it feel like?
I am now going to ask the people on the stage to practice being angels and messengers of love. So start walking around the stage and stop at each person and practice sending love, respect, compassion, caring, peace and beautiful thoughts. Remember no words or touching are necessary [5 min.]

Who would like to share what it felt like being an angel?

How many felt like an angel?
You have earned your wings. You are an angel encircled in Allah/ Gods love. When the program is finished, and we go into the social hall for goodies, we would like you stop by our Angel Station. At the Angel Station we would like to take your picture and have you write your special message or drawing of peace for our book of peace.
Thank you so very much for coming here today. Remember when you have the courage to follow a dream with an action you are a gift to our world. Remember when you are an Angel you are the miracle the world needs.