Brenda’s had both professional success and lifelong experience as a fashion forecaster and style expert. Ever influential and on-point with current and future fashion trends, Brenda’s ability to clearly visualize style and design has led her to impressive positions at Saks Fifth Avenue, Burdines’ and J.L. Hudson’s Co., developing her own numerous unique collections. Her biggest strength: her ability to visualize and predict the next big thing. Brenda has proven herself time and time again as a fashion trendicator, style visionary and design innovator.


  • FIRST to break racial barrier when she hired black models for Saks Fifth Avenue Detroit (1966)
  • FIRST to hire a female black executive, Phillis Johnson, at Hudson’s.
  • FIRST female VP of Fashion Marketing and Merchandising at J.L.Hudson Co.(1978)
  • FIRST VP of Fashion Marketing and Merchandising at Federated Allied Department stores (1980’s)
  • FIRST woman featured on the cover of Detroit Free Press Magazine which reported, “Her supporters call her immensely talented, her detractors call her part princess, part piranha, her job is to decide what middle class Detroit is going to wear.”
  • FIRST Detroit News “Best Dressed Hall of Famer“
  • FIRST Fashion and Art fund raiser for Detroit Institute of Arts: ‘Fashbash’ created with Detroit Institute of Arts founders Junior Council and J.L. Hudson Co. First year revenue purchased Matisse cut outs for DIA.
  • FIRST to bring gold by day in shoes and accessories to women in America.
  • FIRST to create and market Santa Bears for Christmas at Hudson’s and Burdines’.
  • FIRST to create Fashion Marketing and Merchandising program for Northwood University, Midland, Michigan with Nancy Barker, more than tripled enrollment of women. (1972)


“Brenda Star:
A passion for fashion is still Brenda Rosenberg’s ticket to adventure.”

The Detroit News, 1991

Featured Brenda’s
Adventure Club (BRAC) Collection

“A Fashion Statement:
Style maven Brenda Rosenberg puts her design stamp on her stunning, Bloomfield Hills home.”

STYLE Magazine, 1999

Featured Brenda’s Home

Cover Feature

Detroit Free Press, 1981

Featured Brenda and her position as Hudson’s Fashion Director.
First woman pictured on the cover

“Where Faith Meets Art:
Artist uses jewelry to build interfaith bridges of peace.”

Detroit Free Press, 2003

Featured Brenda’s
Wings of Peace Jewelry Collection

“Good Peacekeeping:
Brenda Rosenberg seeks a house – and world – where all is calm.”

Detroit Home Magazine, 1999

Featured Brenda’s Home

“Collection Caters to Young at Heart.”

The Miami Herold, 1992

Featured Brenda’s Adventure Club (BRAC) Collection

“MOMA, Mia, and the club life.”

Footwear News, 1993

Featured Brenda’s position and contributions within the Mia
footwear brand


Featured Brenda’s Santa Bears


“Two Detroit designers prove you can give someone you love a car – one peice at a time.”

People Weekly, 1976

Featured Brenda & Lynn Welsh’s Garage Jewelry Collection