“Girl Scouts Are Facing COVID-19 with Outreach from Crafts to Compassionate Connection”
Read The Spirit. Apr. 19, 2020

“What does this song mean to me?

Scientists tell us that, if two heart cells are placed together in a petri dish, they will find and maintain a common beat. I think that biological phenomenon points to a basic truth about relationships. Beneath all of our resistance, beneath all of our fear and hatred, the very nature of life itself rests on a joining force.

Too often in our world today, we exhaust ourselves fighting against this impulse to join together. When we allow our hearts to beat in unison, we renew our strength and we summon peace.

We are one ONE HEART.

As Jews, Christians and Muslims, we can be the change we want to see in our world.”

“Girl Scouts, Detroit Institute of Arts and Brenda Rosenberg Are Reuniting the Children of Abraham”
Read The Spirit. Jan. 26, 2020.

“Brenda Rosenberg: Living a Miracle”
Front page story in the Detroit Jewish News. January 30, 2020.

The DIA’s 2019 Fash Bash 2019 Official Video
Featuring Brenda Rosenberg, Fash Bash Lifetime Honorary Chair


Relax, Respect, Respond
Brenda works with Girl Scouts in Troy, MI to develop a program and badge building trust and encouraging positive interactions between police and community.

Hate 2 Hope
Building trust and transforming tension between law enforcement and community.

Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan My Promise My Faith May 15, 2019
Learning about Judaism with the Girl Scouts of Holy Family Regional School in Rochester, MI
Tectonic Leadership at Shared Future
A conference to explore Jewish and Muslims relations in Metro Detroit, March 2014
Tectonic Leadership at the Holocaust Memorial Center, Farmington Hills MI. 2014
Tectonic Leadership – cosponsor of BESA, Muslim Albanians who rescued Jews during the Holocaust.

Tectonic Leadership Webinar: Using Tension to Transform Conflict Sept 2013
Brenda Rosenberg and Samia Bahsoun present to the Council for a Parliament of World Religions.

Muslim Student Association Unity in Diversity Dinner, March 2014
American Jewish Committee of New Jersey. 2013
Brenda Rosenberg and Samia Bahsoun presented their Tectonic Leadership model.
Tectonic Leadership Solutions for Sexual Harassment



Samia Moustapha Bahsoun and Brenda Naomi Rosenberg
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October 24, 2016 A Conference Presented by The Michigan Alliance Against Hate Crimes and The Michigan Department of Civil Rights

Hate 2 Hope ‘s Crime Stoppers Chosen Generation. Transforming the relationship between youth and law enforcement. February 2017

On November 11th 2015 Brenda received AJC Community Leader Award. Reverend Flowers,Imam Mardini and Rabbi Syme gave a joint invocation

Tectonic Leadership Workshop. The tension of white privilege was addressed, transforming the relationships at a biracial church.

January 2017 >>>read more

Samia presented Tectonic Leadership at the conference of Economic Prosperity for Peace at Harvard Business School. April 2015

Brenda and Arianna Mentzel presented Tectonic Leadership How to have a Cool conversation on a HOT topic – at home, on campus,and across cultural divides at Congregation B’nai Moshe.
May 2015 >>> read more

Tectonic Leadership: Leading the Way to Cool Conversations on Hot Topics, My Jewish Detroit,
November 2014 >>> read more

Tectonic Leadership at Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom, Temple University.
November 2014 >>> read more

Deconstructing the negative narrative of Zionism at the ISNA Conference, Detroit.
Sept. 2014 >>> read more

Standing Up To ISIS, Detroit Jewish News,
August 2014 >>> read more

“From Hate to Hope”, facilitated by Brenda Rosenberg at Bridging Borders and Boundaries, a NAIN Connect Conference August 10-14, 2014.
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Combating BDS, Detroit Jewish News, July 17, 2014.
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Muslim Student Association Unity in Diversity Dinner, March 14, 2014

Tectonic Leadership at the Holocaust Memorial Center, Farmington Hills, MI. March 9, 2014.
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Brenda Rosenberg presented the award winning documentary Reuniting the Children of Abraham at the Face to Faith event for high school teens. October 2013

Hosting ONE VOICE Israel/Palestine with Imam Mardini and Reverend Rani Abdulmesih at Mother of the Savior Church, Dearborn Michigan February 2013

Hosting Polyphony Youth Orchestra – Israeli’s and Arab creating music and new channels for engagement at Dearborn High School and The Jewish Community Center December 2012

Brenda was the guest of King Abdullah Bin Abdelaziz for the opening of the Kaccid Center for inter religious and inter cultural dialogue in Vienna Austria November 2012.
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Heros of Peace Wayne State University for the Niagra Foundation and Rumi Club 2012

Presenting Tectonic Leadership at Religion, Conflict and Peace Conference Dearborn Michigan 2012

Heros of Peace Wayne State University for the Niagra Foundation and Rumi Club 2012

Eng. Aja Eze, Rabbi David Rosen, and Brenda Rosenberg at United Nations’ Interfaith Harmony Week 2012

American Jewish Committee Global Forum ACCESS 20/20Washington D.C. 2012

WISDOM at Albion College 2012

United Nations’ Woman and Peace Conference 2012

International CISV Intercultural Summit – Building Global Friendship 2011

International’s Conference of Abrahamic faiths in Jorden 2007

Islamic Society of North America Diversity Conference Dearborn Michigan 2011

Middle East Synergizer, Mayacamas Ranch, Calistoga, California 2011

WDHT TV Show Community Connection Brenda with Imad Hamad 2011

One Voice Conference at U of M Israeli’s and Palestinians Working to Create a Two State Solution 2011

Tectonic Leadership Retreat for Middle East Conflict Transformation, Dearborn Michigan 2011

Preview Night for Intersection of Faith and Culture on Sabeel TV 2011

Religion, Conflict, and Peace Conference: Walking the Talk to Compassion and Harmony 2011

Hosting University Students from the Middle East at the Arab American Museum with RTCOA Partners 2010

Preview Night for Intersection of Faith and Culture on Sabeel TV 2011

Signing Copies of Our Book Friendship & Faith at ISNA Conference 2009

Brenda and Dr. Muzammil Ahmed Packing Food on Christmas Day 2008

RTCOA at St. Hugo of the Hills with Father Tony, Brenda, Victor Begg and Imam Musa 2007

In Jordan at International Abrahamic Dialogue Conference: Brenda, Jacob Rosen Israel Ambassador to Jordan and Father Nabil Haddad 2007

Can One Friendship Save the World? Front page story in Your New Community Voice 2007.
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Sheri Schiff, Brenda and Teens in Kalamazoo Michigan 2005

In Israel Tali Ben-Josef, Brenda and Arab and Jewish Teens from Peace Child Israel 2004

Islamic House of Wisdom. Brenda was the first Jewish woman to deliver a Ramadan sermon at a mosque in America 2002
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Christ Church Cranbrook First World Sabbath of Religious Reconciliation 2001