Pathways to Peace Foundation

Founded in the Spring of 2002, Pathways to Peace Foundation is dedicated to pursuing peace by creating replicable and sustainable, programs, partnerships, and skills that foster interfaith, intercultural and interracial understanding. The foundation led by Brenda Rosenberg has broken barrier others believed were impossible. She inspires people to over come ignorance, fear and hate, to see the value and synergy that diversity and pluralism can bring to communities. She doesn’t talk about building bridges, she’s in the trenches doing the work.

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Hate 2 Hope

Harnessing the power of tension between law enforcement and community in 10 weeks.

Brenda Rosenberg created Hate 2 Hope, choosing dialogue over destruction. She saw a need to lift our communities from the quicksand of miscommunication and judgment. She wanted to create a new discourse and demonstrate how it is possible to create positive change.

In just ten weeks Hate 2 Hope:

  • Creates change by building a new level of understanding and taking joint ownership in transforming relationships.
  • Develops and implements cooperative actions that benefit both law enforcement and communities.
  • Deconstructs the negative images of both law enforcement and disenfranchised members of the community.
  • Diminishes the fear of compromise, by replacing the idea of loss with the possibility of creating something new together that has not been done before. Finding new solutions together.

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From Enemies to Tectonic Leaders

Samia Moustapha Bahsoun and Brenda Naomi Rosenberg created the Tectonic Leadership Center, a vehicle for developing pairs of leaders from opposite sides of the Middle East conflict to take joint ownership in transforming the conflict – creating a new relational architecture for sustainable coexistence. The five day pilot program was conducted May 2 to 6, 2011 in partnership with the University of Michigan Dearborn.

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In Our Own Voices
Muslims Answer Questions from the Jewish Community

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Building Bridges with Books
Four Mosques Receive Jewish Libraries Photo:

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Angel Lessons
Teaching our youth how to visualize a peaceful future

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Harnessing the Power of TENSION
A paradoxical approach to building alliances at home, in the board room, on campus, and in communities.

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FRIENDSHIP & FAITH The WISDOM of Women Creating Alliances For Peace
This book is an inspirational call to friendship that includes …

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Reuniting the Children of AbrahamA Toolkit 4 Peace 
“Reuniting the Children of Abraham” is a powerful new kind of peace initiative that

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