Our program is a dynamic interactive multimedia experience for anyone ages 12-120 seeking to build bridges of understanding. Now you can purchase the toolkit, which includes online access & direct download of all toolkit files, for just $25. The tool kit includes:

The Documentary

The Documentary contains the story of how Muslim, Jewish and Christian teens from Metro Detroit came together to discuss their lives, fears, and the possibility of peace through the Children of Abraham Four Step Healing Process

Introductory Materials

  • Short video overview (2:30)
  • How the concept began
  • Case study
  • The seven rules for peace
  • The four-step healing process
  • Seven steps to build community participation and outlines for meetings
  • University of Michigan Dearborn Pluralism Projects’ power point slide presentation of photos of diverse individuals and faith institutions.
  • University of Michigan Ann Arbor Arts of Citizenship Program pre-presentation power point on:
    • The historical roots of Abraham
    • Frequently asked questions
    • How stereotyping leads to violence

Additional Support Materials

  • Guided meditation for envisioning peace
  • Creating safe space… communication guidelines
  • Prayers, poems and songs for Peace
  • Testimonials and photos of the young actors and writers on how RTCOA impacted their lives

Presentation Structure Example: Facilitating a 2-3 hour program

  • Begin with the the documentary “Reuniting the Children of Abraham” (40 minutes)
  • Present the University of Michigan power point presentation on stereotyping (10 minutes)
  • Interactive dialogue about the documentary and power point presentation (60 minutes – 2.5 hours)

Contact Brenda to Access These Other Presentation Ideas & Structures:

  • “Stepping into ‘the Other’s’ Shoes” Workshop – (Half-day workshop)
  • “Ambassadors Program: Training of facilitators for in depth dialogue” – (Full-day workshop)
  • “Creating New Relationships”- (Full-day workshop)